Frequently Asked Questions

WILEAG is the governing body that creates accreditation standards and bestows accreditation status to Wisconsin law enforcement agencies.  WI-PAC is the user group comprised of agency accreditation managers, assessors, and team leaders to serve as a resource for the accreditation process to potential, new, and existing members.

WILEAG member agencies who are current on their dues are automatically members of WI-PAC. The annual membership fee covers the entire agency, and multiple users may request credentials to access WI-PAC resources.

Personnel changes within agencies is a common challenge to maintaining an agency’s accreditation. We’d love to help you, please visit the Contact page to reach out.

Absolutely! We believe that helping new agencies is one of the primary purposes if WI-PAC. New accreditation managers will be connected with a WI-PAC mentor who can provide appropriate guidance and resources.

We can help you navigate and interpret standards through direct contact with our members and/or using our secure document site.

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