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Membership & Benefits

The WI-PAC Difference

WI-PAC isn’t just an accreditation organization, we are a coalition of law enforcement leaders and professionals who strive for excellence each and every day. We do that through information sharing, network development, and collaborative trainings amongst our member agencies. Yes, we want all of our member agencies to be accredited, but we also want to build a lasting and supportive community for Wisconsin’s law enforcement community.

What Your Organization Gains

Benefits of Membership


WI-PAC training for accreditation managers, assessors, and team leaders is held in conjunction with WILEAG. Please check for training announcement by clicking here.

Mock Assessment

Another valuable resource afforded to WI-PAC member agencies is access to assessors to assist with a mock assessment. A mock assessment involves an on-site summary evaluation of an agency’s accreditation files by trained and experienced assessors.  This generally takes a full day and can provide valuable insight or recommendations to maximize the likelihood of success when the WILEAG assessment date(s) arrive. It is highly recommended that all agencies conduct a mock prior to each onsite assessment.

Because the structure of the Core Verification program is different, WILEAG requires agencies to have a mock assessment prior to having their files formally reviewed.

Document Management Site

Member agencies in good standing have access to a secure document management site which includes sample polices, reference materials, and previous meeting agendas and minutes – all featured within an interactive bulletin board format where questions or requests can be made.

Steps to a successful accreditation:

  1. Sign up and sign in to the secure document management site
  2. Attend meetings to network, share, collaborate, gather updated policies, discuss best practices, engage resources, and receive guidance
  3. Schedule a mock assessment


WI-PAC has a variety of benefits for our member agencies. Here’s a sampling of what you can come to expect as a WI-PAC Member Agency.

Introduction to Accreditation

A PDF Presentation outlining the accreditation process and how WI-PAC can assist.

Sample General Orders Policy

An example of a sample policy developed for the La Crosee Police Department.

Core Standards Brochure

An overview of the Core Standars Verification Program.

Core Standards Presentation

In-depth presentation of the Core Standards Program.

Member Benefits

Through our extensive network of participating agencies, WI-PAC offers all members the opportunity to connect, share information, and collaborate on training and more.


Support through communication and collaboration. Connect with law enforcement professionals from across Wisconsin for guidance and assistance throughout the accreditation process.

Policy Development

Need to implement or develop a new policy, general order or directive? Access hundreds of sample policies submitted by member law enforcement agencies from across the state.


Achieve success through education. Learn more about the accreditation process through WI-PAC offered courses such as New Accreditation Manager training. WI-PAC also offers on-going training topics during its regularly scheduled quarterly meetings.

Mock Assessments

Expect the unexpected. Ensure your agency is fully prepared leading up to the day of your accreditation assessment. WI-PAC mock assessments provide your agency with critical feedback to maximize your chances for professional success.

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